Rio Brazilian Steakhouse offers a continuous table side service (rodizio) with a large variety of delightful cuts of Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Fish, among other exquisite selections.

 Available for your pleasure also is our incredible fresh and modern salad bar and hot buffet with daily chef creations, that you are welcome to serve yourself as much as you please.

Guests control the flow of meats just by using the double sided (green/red) card provided at your table.
Also an excellent dessert menu, cocktails and wine list is available for your pleasure.

You ask, we do. Simple as that.


Picanha Top Sirloin Cap - Served at Lunch/Dinner
Fraldinha Skirt Steak - Served at Dinner
Alcatra Rump Steak - Served at Lunch/Dinner
Frango com Bacon Chicken wrapped with Bacon - Served at Dinner
Porco Roasted Pork - Served at Lunch/Dinner
Calabresa Pork sausage - Served at Lunch/Dinner
Bife de Ancho Beef Striploin - Served at Dinner
Abacaxi com Canela Grilled Pineapple
with Cinnamon - Served at Dinner
Maminha Tri Tip Steak- served at Dinner
Costela de boi Beef Ribs - Served at Dinner
Costela de Porco Baby Back Ribs - Served at Dinner
Cordeiro Mustard Crusted Lamb- Served at dinner

Dinner includes all the Lunch items plus all the other mentioned above!

Churrasco, Salad bar, Hot Buffet and Desserts Created daily by our chef (desserts are not included in the rodizio).

Selection May Vary